Sustainability Commitment

We create this business motivated by the shocking figures related to the impact of the fashion industry on our environment and the willingness to actively cooperate to make fashion about sustainability and quality. 

In Olivias Garderob, we are 100% committed with growing a sustainable business in every aspect, and these are the practices we have incorporated:

- Considering the impact on the environment of "simply washing your clothes," in Olivias Garderob, every clothing item is hand-washed with a mild and eco-friendly detergent. 

- Taking into account the problem of synthetic microfiber migration into waterways and marine ecosystems, we have a catalog where 90% of our products are made of natural fibers

 - We ship all our orders in Eco-Friendly Packaging, cardboard boxes or compostable mailers that can be composted both at home and commercially. You can read more about it here


Eco Alliance Badge