One Item/Many Ways: Ivory Wool Pants

One Item/Many Ways: Ivory Wool Pants

At Olivia's Garderob, we love to pick versatile, timeless pieces that you can wear in multiple ways.

One of our goals is to help women build a sustainable wardrobe. And there is no better way to achieve this than choosing versatile, vintage, or pre-loved garments made from high-quality fabric. 

We thought it'd be a good idea to show you what we imagine when picking up new pieces to add to our store and how they can be combined with other pieces from our catalog.

In this third edition of our series, "One Item/Many Ways," we present to you:

Ivory Wool Pants

In this opportunity, I'll show you some ideas using these ivory 100% wool trousers from M by Madonna (Madonna's H&M collection launched in 2007), which I recently added to Olivias Garderob's catalog.

Since I started to experience long and dark winters (I live in Sweden since 2017), I've learned how using lighter colors in your garments (I used to be a just black-and-gray-during-the-winter kind of gal) is an excellent and easy way to brighten up these winter days and also, to appreciate suitable fabrics and their importance in protecting us against harsh weather.

And that's why now I consider having a light neutral color wool pants should be a staple of any wardrobe and decided to show my ideas on how to style them.

These wool trousers are suit pants and, therefore, more formal, but you can quickly achieve a more casual look teaming up them with sneakers or boots.

I took some pieces from my wardrobe and some others from the shop to assemble different looks, which you can use for everyday wear, a night out or, work. As I'm showing the outfits on a mannequin, I didn't play with the accessories but always consider the power of changing them (earrings, necklaces, and/or purses) to create new outfits.

scroll down to see the complete outfit 

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 Complete Outfits:




What do you think? Will you consider these pants as a staple in your wardrobe?

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