One Item/Many Ways: Plaid Blazer

One Item/Many Ways: Plaid Blazer

 At Olivia's Garderob, we love to pick versatile, timeless pieces that you can wear in multiple ways.

One of our goals is to help women build a sustainable wardrobe. And there is no better way to achieve this, than choosing versatile, vintage or pre-loved garments, made from high-quality fabric. 

So, we thought it'd be a good idea to show you what we imagine when picking up new pieces to add to our store and how it can be combined with other pieces from our catalog.

In this third edition of our series, "One Item/Many Ways" we present to you:

The Plaid Blazer

plaid blazerPlaid Blazer Vintage

On the last post of our series “One Item/Many Ways” we already talked about how versatile and stylish a blazer can be. In this occasion, we’ll show you our take on how to style a Black & White Plaid Blazer for this fall season. 

This classic 80s-style piece had a revival a few years ago and since then, we’ve continually spotted it as a street style hot piece and at fashion shows. This kind of pattern is versatile and easy to wear, it suit every body type and fit tons of occasions, and I think that’s why it has become a part of the fall's official wardrobe. 

Now, let’s get to the point. For this post, we've picked the Black & White Plaid Blazer from Hucke, one of our favorites from our Fall/Winter 2020 Collection. It’s made of a wonderful blend of wool and silk (92% Virgin Wool 8% Silk), it has a collarless neckline and is double-breasted. With a straight cut and longline design, 6 buttons, and 3 pockets, it's definitely chic and timeless.

I have to mention that I’m currently 7 months pregnant with my second child so, I guess this can also be a post on fall/winter maternity outfit ideas :) but I tried to pick clothing pieces that could exist in any wardrobe but adapted to fit a growing belly: maternity leggings, maternity skinny jeans, maternity pencil skirt, compression pantyhose; and tops that can grow with you: a jersey cotton dress, a crop top, a T-shirt and the beautiful high neck red top from our Fall/Winter Collection. In terms of shoes, I picked white sneakers, black loafers with a white sole and black boots (that you'll have to imagine because I couldn't make them appear in the pictures. Sorry!).

Since sustainable consumption is our thing we're showing 5 ways to wear a blazer but you can combine tops and bottoms and change some accessories and have a completely new outfit. Besides, you can find in our catalog more beautiful and high-quality wool blazers and in different sizes in which you can apply the same styling suggestions. 


1. Black Skirt + White Crop Top

2. Black Leggins + Red High Neck Top

3. Black Jeans + White T-shirt

4. Black High Neck Dress + White Belt


5. Bonus: Blazer with a Belt over the Belly

Plaid blazer with belt, pregnancy stylePlaid Blazer Pregnancy style

Note 1: I create a Maternity collection with the products on my store that are pregnancy friendly :) You can check it here.

Note 2: this is my actual belly, at the end of the day it's a bit bigger :P

The pictures taken were not edited, it's the angle, the colors and the magic of wearing an oversized blazer.


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