About me

 “I want to help you build a sustainable and lasting wardrobe full of quality fabrics and at convenient prices”

Hi! my name is Paula Latorre and I'm behind Olivias Garderob.

I'm Chilean, Civil Industrial Engineer and for many years I worked helping female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in my country.

I've been living in Sweden since 2017 with my husband, my daughter, Olivia and my son.

I've always loved clothing and I used to fill out every closet in our apartment with it. But since Olivia was born, the urge to have a sustainable wardrobe began to blossom.

When we moved to Sweden I started to approach to thrift stores as a convenient way to buy quality clothing at a reasonable price. Visiting these shops and on the other hand, observe how fast fashion stores are always full of people buying stuff, made me realized the huge quantity of bad quality clothing out there. So I began to immerse myself in the world of repair, reuse and recycle, and understand the impact on the environment of extending the life of a garment and wearing good quality fabrics. So, I felt the responsibility of trying to do something for this world and for my kids future. And that's how Olivias Garderob was born.

For all women out there who are interested in being more sustainable and conscious consumers but with little time to dedicate themselves to dive into the second-hand shops for the right garment. Here you can find quality pieces at convenient prices :)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions or just want to chat (it's difficult to meet new people in Sweden! :P)

 Paula in BerlinIn Berlin looking for treasures in my second-hand outfit :)

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